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Ami&Li tots Adjustable Sunscreen Bucket Sun Protection Summer Hat for Baby Girl Boy Infant Kid Toddler Child UPF 54

CAD $24.99

FAQs1. What is the chin strap on the top used for? We know every child is different, so we designed each hat with that little chin strap. It is used to adjust the size of the hat's circumference, so that each hat can fit better with every different child.2. Is it machine washable? Yes. We have tested it that there's no problem with washing in a machine, but please make sure to use cold water.3. Will the hat too heavy? Not at all. They are light-weight and easily foldable for travel.4. What if I have any question and would like to check with a representative before/after I put an order? Good question! Please use the following ways to contact us for ANY question:Leave your question under this product on (Usually we answer these questions in 12 hours) Follow us on facebook and send messages! Our page is (Usually we reply fb messages in 1 min) Follow us on instagram and leave a comment! Our ins is (Usually we reply ins comments in 1 hour) Email us! Our email address is [email protected] 5. Can I ask for a customized hat for my child...? Yes you can! Send us your idea through the above channels and let's talk about it! You tell us what is in your mind, we bring it to your little one.

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