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Ski Socks 2 Pairs Pack - GRM Women Men Thick Snow Skiing Socks,High Performance Winter Socks for Skiing Hiking Snowboard

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WHY CHOSE GRM SKI SOCKS?✔Fit & Comfort: Suitable stretch, mobility, and thickness are important .GRM is an international brand focused on ski socks. Countless hours were spent perfecting our advanced technology that helps to design most suitable thickness high performance wool socks.✔Weight: 300g GRM snowboarding socks- most popular ultralight socks✔Ventilation: Just like with jackets and snow pants, breathability is a big factor in keeping your feet comfortable. Just like your feet can get wet from snow getting in, you feet can likewise get wet from getting too hot and sweaty.Our sports socks taking into account the ventilation factor, use different materials in special parts.✔Warmth: The thicker models of ski socks prove to be the warmest ski socks .✔Shin Padding: Shin padding is a durable guard against wear and tear on the shins. Padded ski socks are an extra layer of defense This helps prevent those red lines that usually start cropping up after a heavy day of skiing. What can I use the ski socks for?The socks are not just for skiing and snowboarding. They are also great for activities such as:☞ Trekking☞ Winter Sports☞Ice Skating and Ice Fishing☞ Snow Shoeing☞ Hiking☞ Alpine and Cross-Country Skiing☞Any activity where you want warm and comfortable feet! Size Chart: WomensLarge: US 9.5 - 13 Mens:Large: US 8.5 - 12

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